Christ the King Catholic School




It is the policy of the parochial league that the academic and religious development of the students is of primary importance at all times. The privilege of athletic participation may be earned only through satisfactory levels of achievement in academics and religion.  At any time that organized athletics become a detriment to the student’s academic or religious achievement, he or she will become ineligible for athletic participation until a satisfactory achievement level is attained.


“Christian Sportsmanship” means participating in competitive sports in such a way as to give glory to God and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. It includes respect for the authority of the coaches and officials, respect for others (teammates, opposing teams, fans) and respect for self.

Christ the King School is a Catholic institution committed to the teaching of Catholic doctrines and Christian values and dedicated to providing a quality academic program. The school recognizes the rights of individuals as children of God deserving honor and respect, and works toward the following goals and objectives with the involvement and cooperation of the student’s parents or guardians in our athletic program.

  1.  To provide Christ the King students a well-rounded athletic program founded on the principles of Christian sportsmanship.
  2. To provide athletic participation to all those children in the school who desire to take advantage of such an opportunity.
  3. To instill a positive attitude towards the learning process while providing students with the opportunity to achieve athletic excellence.
  4.  To strongly promote and recognize Christian values and moral behavior.
  5.  To promote unity, love, respect and understanding among all players regardless of abilities.
  6.  To foster positive self-esteem and mature responsible behavior with the purpose of arriving at the fullness of Christian life.
  7. To encourage coaches and sponsors to strengthen their Christian commitment.


The school principal has the ultimate responsibility for and final authority regarding the Athletic programs at Christ the King Catholic School. The Athletic Director works under the general supervision of the principal and is responsible for coordinating all activities associated with the athletic programs of the school, including registration, scheduling, recruitment of coaches, team assignment, practice times, and so on.  All of our coaches are volunteers and we are very grateful for the time and talent they share with our children.  If a problem should arise during the sports season, the first person to talk with is your child’s coach.  If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, then contact the Athletic Director.  After every attempt has been made to work out a solution and the problem remains, then you may contact the school principal.


  •  Soccer - all students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade that attend Christ the King School and Christ the King REY.  (Exception would be any student asked to leave the school for disciplinary reasons.)
  •  Basketball - all students in grades 5 through 8.
  •  Football – (Boys) grades 5– 8.
  •  Cheerleading - all students in grade 8.
  •  Volleyball – (Girls) grades 5– 8.
  •  Golf – (Girls & Boys) grades 5– 8.
  •  Track – (Girls & Boys) grades 5– 8.

Mascot - 8th grade student who will be selected from all interested and qualified students by a random drawing.

If any other activity is added, that is a parochial league sport, we will be bound by the rules of that league.

Students are expected to show the same degree of respect and obedience to athletic coaches as is expected of them in their relationship to classroom teachers.  During the course of any sanctioned athletic activity, the student (player and fan), coaches and parents are representatives of the parochial league and their school.  No one should engage in any activity or exhibit any behavior which detracts from the goals or image of the school or parochial league.  Students may lose eligibility for athletic participation, if in the opinion of the coach, the principal, or the pastor; the actions of the student are in such opposition to Christian sportsmanship or detract from the image of the school, church, or league.


  1. All coaches will be under the direct supervision of the principal and athletic director and serve at the pleasure of the principal.
  2. All volunteer coaches should be over 21 years old and have a working knowledge of the activity they are coaching or a strong willingness to learn.
  3. Coaches will be required to attend any meetings held before or during the sport’s season and sign the diocesan policy regarding child abuse.
  4. The primary function of the volunteer coach should be to adhere to the philosophy of the school and goals of the program.  The coach should be a model of sportsmanship and understand that the self-esteem of    the child is more important than winning.  Coaches must remember that the least skilled player deserves as much attention as the most skilled player on the team.
  5. Coaches will always conduct themselves in a manner that represents the school.  They are to set an example for their players by the way they act at practice and games.
  6. Coaches may be prohibited from coaching on either a permanent or temporary basis from one year to the next if they are not representing the school in an acceptable manner.
  7. Coaches are to teach their players to always be good sports.
  8. Coaches are to try to have fun with their players as well as maintain discipline at all times.
  9. Coaches are representing Christ the King School and should always keep this in mind when at     practice or at games.
  10. No coach will be allowed to coach more than two teams in any one sport, unless there is no other alternative. 
  11. Invitational Tournaments – If coaches want to pick and choose players, then they will not be allowed to use school uniforms.  They can purchase T-shirts to use.  Since invitational tournaments are not parochial league sponsored, the parochial league rules do not apply.  Parochial league coaches should be encouraged to follow playing time rules, making sure children are given time to play.

Coaches, whether paid staff or voluntary, should bear in mind at all times that sports are only games and their actions and behaviors should reflect such.

Coaches should be mindful of the physical safety of the students and not place the student in a            position where serious injury may occur.  The coaches should bear in mind their position with regard to leadership and development of the child.  Coaches must not physically or emotionally abuse any student who is under their supervision.

Coaches should be aware of individual ability, skills, and attitudes among the students and realize that children are not adult athletes and will perform accordingly. Each student who is a member of the team should receive ample opportunity for playing in games on a regular basis.  This is not to say that coaches should not field their strongest team as game conditions dictate.  Persons who abuse these guidelines may be asked to give up their role as coach for the parochial league.


  1.  Cheerleading - Sponsors will be faculty members appointed by the principal.
  2. Football - Each year, one head coach will be appointed by the principal.  Assistant coaches will be             selected by the head coach in consultation with the principal from qualified volunteers.
  3. Basketball - Volunteer coaches will be selected from all interested in coaching.  First preference will be given to parents of children on the team.  If more than one parent wants to be the head coach, they will be given the opportunity to work out an agreeable coaching solution among themselves.  If an agreeable solution cannot be reached, the principal will select the head coach based on experience.  If interested parties have equal experience, a random drawing will decide the head coach position.
  4. A coach that takes a team at the entry level into a sport (i.e. 5th grade basketball) will be allowed to stay with that team through the 8th grade whenever possible.  If a coach must leave, the assistant coach may be moved to the head coach position or a qualified coach will be found.  In the event a team needs to be split, a qualified coach will be found for that team.
  5. Soccer - Coaches are assigned to teams in the following age divisions:  Under 6 - kindergarten (Coed)  Under 8 - 1st and 2nd grades

            For the Under 6-age divisions, parent volunteers are needed each year to coach these teams. No prior soccer experience is necessary.

            Head coaches for all other age divisions will be chosen based on the following priorities:

 Head coaches who coached in the same age division during the previous year.

  •  Assistant coaches who coached in the same age division during the previous year.
  •  Head coaches who coached in the younger age division during the previous year.
  •  Assistant coaches who coached in the younger age division during the previous year.
  •  In the event that there are more potential head coaches than the number of teams available, a meeting will be held among the coaches to try to decide by consensus who will be the head coaches for the year.



The athletic director will draw up available practice schedules and a random draw will be used to assign teams to practice times.

  1. Soccer & Football: Schedules will be assigned in the fall.  An effort will be made to keep the same practice times for soccer in the        fall and in the spring, if possible.
  2. Basketball: Practice times will be done by random draw prior to the season at the coaches’ meeting.

Games: Games schedules are set by the league of each sport.  The school has no control over game times or   locations.

Tournaments: No parochial team may participate in more than four (4) tournaments in one school year.  This includes ALL pre-season and post-season tournaments. Participation in any tournament must be approved by the principal and athletic director. Tournament fee over $50.00 must be paid by the coach and their team.


  1. Regular attendance at practices and games is necessary to be eligible to play on the team.
  2.  Rules for player participation will apply for both season and tournament-play.
  3.  If a child is academically ineligible, he/she may practice at discretion of the school and the coach.
  4.  If a child is ineligible to play (academic or conduct), he/she may not dress out to play in a game.
  5.  Pep rallies are limited to maximum of four for the school year.
  6.  School closures for inclement weather, sickness, etc., will automatically postpone games and practices.
  7.  Playing Rules - Basketball: Every 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th grade participant must play a minimum of a quarter each game. In order to fulfill the quarter obligation, each player will start a quarter and play that entire quarter unless injured or fouled out, or for disciplinary reasons. If a child is absent from school or arrives after 10:00a.m, due to illness, injury, or leaves school sick (even if they return later in the day), the child may NOT practice or play in the game scheduled for that day. A coach may play an individual up one grade level if the team is unable to have a minimum of eight (8) players present for the game. The coach is allowed to bring the team roster  total to eight (8) and no more.  A coach is NOT allowed to cut a player in order to play up a better player, unless approved by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.  Playing down is not allowed. A player is allowed to play in a maximum of two (2) games per day.  A player may play up for only one team.  A player playing up is only allowed to play one quarter unless an injury or a player has fouled out leaving the team with 4 players. The 5th and 6th grade boys and girls division will play five (5) minute quarters. The 7th and 8th grade boys and girls division will play six (6) minute quarters.
  8.  Playing Rules - Soccer: All players must play at least one half of each game.
  9.  Playing Rules - Football: There is no minimum amount of playing time per player for football.
  10.  Safety: Each student participating in a sport must turn in a current health physical report.
  11.  Academic & Conduct Eligibility: Christ the King will follow the academic and conduct eligibility rules of the parochial league as follows:

 Academic Eligibility

 Students in grades 5 - 8 participating in football, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, and other activities, must maintain a grade of 70%. This grade is arrived at by averaging the grades in the subjects listed:  Religion, Reading/Literature, Social Studies, Spelling, Science, Math, Language, Art, Computer

 No individual grade in any subject may be below 60% (an F).  If a grade falls below this average, the student will be on probation until the next report.

             Transferring students from league schools will continue any academic or conduct probation when transferring from one league school to another.

            Marking Code:   A   90% - 100%

                                          B   80% - 89%

                                          C   70% - 79%

                                          D   60% - 69%

                                          F    Below 60%

Conduct Eligibility:

Students participating in extracurricular activities must maintain an overall average of 80% in conduct.

 Final conduct grade will determine the eligibility roster for the beginning interim period the following school year.

 In addition, the principal has the right to suspend a student from a practice, game, or team for disciplinary reasons.

  •  Enforcement Interim academic grades will be used for possible reinstatement of a student who is on academic probation. Only quarter report card grades will be used to place a child on academic probation.  Interim conduct grades and quarter report card grades will be used to place students on probation, as well as reinstate students.  Spring (4th) quarter academic grades will not affect fall sports eligibility.  Spring (4th) quarter conduct grades will affect fall eligibility.


           Interims: September 14, November 15,  February 3,  April 21

           Report Cards: October 21, January 6,  March 17,  May 26

  •  Transfers: Transferring students coming into the school will serve a probationary time, at the discretion of the principal, until the interim report or the first nine (9) week grading period.
  •  Uniforms: Players represent their school while they are wearing team uniforms. They are expected to act appropriately in public whenever they wear team uniforms before, during, or after athletic events.  If a student acts inappropriately while representing the school, disciplinary action may be taken.


The Athletic program strives to maintain competitive balance between teams in all sports.

  1. Football - All 7th and 8th grade students are on one football team.
  2. Cheerleading - All 8th graders are on one squad.
  3. Pep Club - All 7th grade girls are on one squad.
  4. Soccer: Coach’s child only – Head coach will draft team.  Those wanting to assist will do so for the team their child is on. Kindergarten - Random draw to assign players to teams. Gr. 1-3 - Players are assigned to teams by a supervised draft to assure equality. From fall to spring, teams will be kept together, if possible. If new players sign up to play in the spring, a draft will be used to divide those players.                             
  5. Basketball and Volleyball - Players will be assigned to teams as follows: Coach’s child only–Head coach will draft team. Those wanting to assist will do so for the team their child is on. Players are assigned by coaches by means of a supervised draft to assure equality. Teams will be kept the same for 5th and 6th grade. Teams will be re-divided in the 7th grade.  Any new players signing up to play will be assigned to teams by coaches’ draft with an equitable distribution of players maintained.
  6. Track – All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players are on one team.
  7. Golf – All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players are on teams by grade level.
  8. For a valid reason, a parent may petition the Athletic Director to move their child to another team for the                                     following year.
  9. The Athletic Director will have the final say on when there are enough participants to split into more than one team.
  10.  Deadlines for signing up for teams will be set, announced and adhered to.  The only exception will be new students that come to school after deadline, in which case the student will be added to the roster, if possible.


It is very important that parents function as role models for their children. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend games in which their children are participating as an expression of parental concern for their child.  Parents’ involvement in a child’s athletic development can be strengthened if the parent can observe the child’s strength and weaknesses and guide the child accordingly.  Parent behavior at games should exemplify the behavior expected of the child.  Belligerent or demanding comments or actions toward coaches, opposing players, and game officials can easily be transferred to the child resulting in a loss of respect for leadership and authority.  As in the case with students, the reflection upon the school and parochial league caused by parent behavior should be positive.

Parents should never confront a coach or an assistant coach before, during, or after a game/practice about an issue with them or the player.   If a parent has a problem with a coach/assistant please wait 24 hours to talk to them by phone call, email, or text when the student is not present.  If it cannot be resolved, parents should contact the Athletic Director. 


The last team on the field or in the gym that day will be responsible for cleaning the gym or field by picking up              trash and putting away equipment.  It is the coach’s responsibility to see that this is done.


Banners displayed in the gym will be limited to 8th grade league champions in each sport. All banners will be purchased by the team members of the championship team.  They may not be any longer than 4’ X 8’.  The banner must either have each coach’s name and every player’s name or no names at all, the team name and record, and the year.


If a student is injured and goes to the doctor, they must have a note from that doctor before they will be allowed to resume practice or play in a game.


Interims: September 14, November 9, February 8, April 26

Report Cards: October 19, January 10, March 29,  May 29