Christ the King Catholic School

Athletic Code of Conduct

I/we hereby request Christ the King School to grant permission for our student to participate in Christ the King School athletics. I/we understand that we are entering into a voluntary contact between us as the parents of a Christ the King School student for participation in school-sponsored athletic activities. I/we agree to cooperate with and support the rule and regulations of the Diocese of Little Rock, Christ the King School, and school board.

I/we will be governed by these rules and regulations as announced to us by the pastor or principal of Christ the King School or as published in the Student-Parent School Handbook and as announced or familiar with and accountable for these rules, regulations, policies and procedures that govern participation in athletics representing Christ the King School. As a player, I understand that I must fulfill al religious and academic responsibilities to Christ the King School and Parish, and conduct myself as a comtiteed Chirsitin in school, outside of school and in particular at any acitity involving athletic competition represing Chris the King School. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations regarding athletics and to submit myself voluntarily to the application of the rules.

As parents of a Christ the King School athletic participant, I/we understand our responsibility and obligation to see that our student fulfills his/her religious and academic responsibilities including schoolwork and homework assignments and complies with the rules and regulations for participating in Christ the King School athletics. I/we further agree that as adults, I/we will conduct oursleves in a responsible and mature Christian manner at all times, at practices and games. I/we will show respect for authority and will engage in no activity or conduct which in any way is disrespectful, combative or confrontational or question the jurisdiction of the pastor, school principal, athletic director, coach, official or anyone connected with the conduct of Chirs the King School Athletics. I/we agree that we will not contact the principal, athletic director or coach until 24 hours after an incident. 

As parents, we acknowledge that violations of the rules and regulations may result in forfeiture of our ability to participate in supporting athletics at Christ the King Athletics.