Christ the King Catholic School



Required Materials (Bring these to class daily.)

  • Pencils (#2 lead) – keep several, replace as needed
  • Blue or black ink pens (at least 2) replace as needed
  • Red ink pen or red pencil (1) (replace as needed)
  •  Pencils must be sharpened and pens must be full of ink when the class begins.  Other
  • Materials may be required as lessons dictate. Such materials may include markers, graph paper, poster board, or colored pencils. Zipper bank bags are required (MARKED WITH NAMES) - NO spacemakers or pencil boxes are permitted.
  • Each student will receive a customized assignment notebook that must be brought to each class to write down the assignments.  *Failure to bring materials will result in conduct infraction.

 Completed Homework

In order for the classroom to be conducted in an efficient and orderly manner, every student will bring his/her completed homework to class daily.  Homework may be checked daily but not necessarily graded.  Homework is assigned so that the student can practice a concept or seek information.

 Requirements for all Written Work

All notes and most tests are to be written in pen in all subjects with the exception of math.

All math work will be done in pencil to allow the student to erase mistakes easily and neatly.

All reports, compositions, and/or projects are to be completed using blue/black ink or are to be typed.

DO NOT use erasable ink pens. Requirements may vary by teacher preference.

Grading Based on a Point System

  1. Homework - See information above
  2. Classwork - Each correctly answered question will receive one point, or teacher’s discretion.
  3. Quizzes - Each correctly answered question will receive two points, or teacher’s discretion.
  4. Tests - Each correctly answered question will receive four points, or will vary according to material being tested, teacher's discretion.
  5. Projects, Compositions, etc. -- The point value will vary according to the teacher and the assignment. *Students may access RenWeb for updated grades.

 Discipline – (As stated in the policy manual under Detention)

There are general behavior rules which each teacher will post in the classroom. Every student will be expected to know and follow these rules. Infractions include the following:

  1. Tardy              
  2. Eating Candy or Gum (10 points)
  3. Disruptive Behavior
  4. Talking
  5. Inattentive behavior
  6. Other  ____________

 5-10 points will be deducted from the student’s conduct grade for each of the above infractions.

*Some infractions automatically deduct 10 points:

                                Misbehavior in church

                                Misbehavior while a substitute is in charge


                                Misbehavior on field trips

                                Misbehavior/talking during speaker

                                Talking during tests/exams

                                Talking/misbehavior during fire/tornado drills

Any student receiving four conduct infractions in one day will earn a D-Hall.

Students may earn points each day as follows:

                              No conduct infractions                       20 points

                              One conduct infraction                      15 points

                              Two conduct infractions                    10 points

                              Three conduct infractions                  5 points

                              Four conduct infractions                    0 points

                               Any major infraction                          0 points

Each week students may earn up to 100 points. Weekly points are averaged together at interim and at the end of the quarter to determine conduct grade, player eligibility for sports, and eligibility for privileges where applicable. Occasionally, a teacher may need to take a stronger disciplinary action but not feel a detention  hall is necessary.  At that time, a discipline referral will be issued to the student, and the teacher will specifically note what disciplinary action was taken.  Conduct points may be deducted at the teacher's discretion.  


                Major Offenses - Immediate Detention hall (suspension/expulsion if warranted):



Any activity that is gang related (including dress, use of symbols, gestures and/or pictures)

Satanic Symbols, worship, etc., of major caliber

Possession of matches or lighters

Defiance of school authority (Principal, Teacher, Staff)

Leaving campus or designated area without permission

Willful destruction/defacing of school or church property.

Cruelty to other students (Verbal and/or Physical)

Cheating on homework, classwork, projects, tests, etc.

Consistent lack of cooperation either within or outside the classroom

Profanity, verbal abuse or obscene gestures, language, pictures or conduct



Possession, use, distribution or purchase of any drug, tobacco in any form, or alcoholic beverages, in the school, on the school grounds, or at any school function

Altering computers in any way

Accessing other students’ files and altering them

Possession of cell phones, i-pods, or other electronic devises

Possession of pocket knives, slingshots, firearms or any type of weapon on the school or church grounds

Any other offense deemed major by the principal`


 Detention will be held at school on Thursday and will be supervised by a member of the staff.  Students will receive 0 points in conduct on the day that the major infraction occurs. The following procedure will be in effect for anyone who fails to follow the standard of acceptable conduct:

                                First/Second Major Infraction                      Thursday Detention (3P-4:30P)

                                Third Major Infraction                                   1 Day At-home Suspension

                                Fourth Major Infraction                                 3 Day At-home Suspension

                                Fifth Major Infraction                                     5 Day At-home Suspension

                                Sixth Major Infraction                                    Expulsion

               Reports of weekly grades may be accessed on RenWeb

               A notice will be sent home at the end of the week if a student's conduct grade for that week is low.

Manual of Policies and Regulations for Elementary and Secondary Catholic Schools of Arkansas, Diocese of Little Rock



  1. If any student brings to school or has in his/her possession any drug or alcohol during school hours or at any school function, regardless of time or place, he/she is liable for expulsion.
  2. He/she will be suspended immediately and parents will be notified.
  3. Return to school will be contingent upon the student being actively involved in professional counseling and/or therapy if chemical dependency is evident. A second offense will result in automatic expulsion.
  4. When a student is involved in the distribution of alcohol/drugs to other students, whether for financial gain or not, he/she will automatically be expelled from school. The distribution of drugs in the State of Arkansas is a felony.  Secondly, the action is aiding and abetting another youth in an illegal action.  Such conduct will not be tolerated by the Diocese of Little Rock and its school system.
  5. A teacher is required by law to report to school authorities any incident of alcohol or drug abuse. Not to report such an incident is against the law.  (Arkansas code Ann.6-21-608)   A student with four major infractions in one school year is subject to possible probation for the next school year.

A student with four major infractions in one school year is subject to possible probation for the next school year.


To prepare the student for the cumulative/comprehensive tests they will be taking in high school, the student will take semester tests in addition to chapter and unit tests given throughout the quarter.

 Semester Tests

 Semester tests will be given at the end of the second and fourth quarters (first and second semesters).  These tests will cover material from the entire semester and will last approximately two hours.  These tests will comprise one-fifth of the student's semester grade.  The first and second semester grades will be averaged for the final end-of-the-year grade.

                *Please note the weeks of semester tests in planning your schedules.

                **Any eighth grade student receiving all A's from the first three quarters and from classwork

                   from the fourth quarter will be exempt from the second semester test in that subject.


Please refer to the dress code in the Policy Manual pgs.13-15

In addition, Junior High students should be especially mindful of the following:

      For boys & girls:

  1. Shirts must not have logos of any kind other than CTK shirts.
  2. Only plain white T-shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt. Undergarment must not show through     uniform shirt.
  3. Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.
  4. No make-up, visible tattoos or colored fingernail polish are allowed.
  5. Dyed hair is not permitted.
  6. Attire for school-sponsored events (Graduation, First Communion, etc) Generally, clothing should be      in good taste appropriate for a Catholic school event.  Specific details regarding type of attire may be sent out in advance of the event.  Skirts and dresses should be of modest length.  Halter style, tank top,spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, see-through, low-cut, slip style dresses, or backless tops and dresses are not permitted. The final decision for appropriate attire will rest with the principal.
  7. T-shirt Fridays – Rexfest, Honduras and Spirit optional t-shirts can ONLY be worn on Fridays and on Casual Day (which is the second Thursday of every month). T-shirts can be worn with pants or shorts. (Shorts may NOT be worn in December, January or February).
  8. Hairstyles - For both boys and girls, hairstyle shall be worn in appropriate manner and never extreme. Boys are expected to maintain a hairstyle with no less than one-half of the forehead and all of the ears visible. The hair in the back should never drape over the collar. Beards, mustaches, and sideburns are not allowed.  Girls’ hairstyles must  be so arranged as to be off  the face and out of the eyes.  Dyed hair is not permitted. The final decision for appropriate hairstyle will rest with the principal.  If any of the above rules are violated, a note will be sent home to the parent and the student will be given 1 week to remedy the problem. If the problem is not remedied at that time, the child will be sent home and not allowed to return until the violation is remedied.



For girls - Gray, white, navy, black or burgundy tight fitted leggings, MUST COVER ANKLE

May be worn with uniform skirt in cold weather


For boys and girls - *Khaki (not stone) TWILL slacks (mandatory during December,

January & February)


Khaki TWILL shorts (only allowed August – November and March – Last day of school)



  1.  Remain in your assigned seat if the teacher must leave the room.
  2. Respect your fellow classmate’s space and possessions.
  3. Keep a clean classroom.

                                *no gum

                                *no white-out

                                *no broken pens

                                *no nail polish/cosmetics

  1. Take care of school property.

                                *no writing on desk

                                *no leaning back on chairs

                                *no putting feet on walls