Christ the King Catholic School


Christ the King School

Parent - Student

Statement of Responsibility

 The statement below must be signed and returned to the school office by September 1.

 “My child/children have read the Christ the King Policy Manual, which includes the Athletic Policy, and although we may not agree with all the regulations, we understand the student must adhere to them while he/she is at school, participating in our athletic program or in attendance at school-sponsored activities. In the event that we are not entirely certain of some aspects of school policy, we will contact the principal for clarification within one (1) week after receipt of that policy.”


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“As a student at Christ the King School, I accept responsibility for my behavior and agree to follow all rules and regulations that govern student behavior at my school, in my classroom, and regarding athletics.”



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 State Law (80-1629.6 through 80-1629.8) requires documentation of student and parent receipt of student discipline policies.

 School Year 2018-2019

 Due September 1